LCM Process

LCM has dedicated teams for everything from design and engineering to logistics and repairs. We are here to eliminate headaches, and make your project a reality.

  • Dedicated Warranty Department
  • Helpful Repair Department
  • Seasoned Designers
  • Experienced Product Engineers

Here are the key stages of the LCM process. This is how LCM transforms your hospitality project.

Discovery and Planning

Let’s work together, and learn about what needs to be done. We’ll identify your needs based on ideal guest experience, guest demographics, budget, occupancy, ADR and expected future PIP requirements


Budget is a balancing act. We keep both eyes open for how we can save without compromising on the vision. We’ll create estimates on production costs on a total project and per key basis.

Process Planning

As we embark on your project it is critical that we are all on the same page. We schedule time throughout the project life cycle to thoroughly review shop drawings, finish control samples, laminates and the COM schedule.


Our successful communication process: project status reports, delivered weekly to purchasing and sales, project milestones, and critical details on all line items.


Our project managers will keep you informed with weekly reports, photos, videos and consistent communication.

Going Above & Beyond

Our installation team and partners are fully equipped with spare parts for every item included in your project.

Logistics & Delivery

LCM’s professional shipping and installation technicians ensure your rooms will be fully completed and ready to accept guests in no time.

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