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Every product is made with kiln-dried hardwood. Quality and moisture content either meet or exceed industry standard. Wood pieces are cut and inspected down to the millimeter to ensure assembly is perfect. All solid wood and MDF wood panels arrive from the lumber yard and are stored in a large state-of-the-art de-humidifier until the wood’s moisture content is between 7-9%. • All wood pieces are inspected for requested specifications and grade A Quality.


We use MDF, meeting international quality standards. Formaldehyde free, no harsh glues or chemicals. This is one of the most durable, yet cost effective materials on the market.


All drawers are constructed with hardwood and dove-tail joints. Hardwood is critiqued for tightness of grain and resistance to splinters. All standard drawers are 5-sided with steel glides, and UV coated for resistance to surface abrasions.


We use upgraded, rust-free hinges. Our options for handles are abundant and custom options are always available.


We’d be happy to work with you on any custom request. We offer standard laminate, leatherette laminate, granite, steel, aluminum, and glass tops.


Our expert finishing team uses a 7 layer process to finish all furniture. We use Valspar® and AxzoNoble® finishes, which are internationally recognized. You may pick from our pre-designed color options, or we can custom-match. Touch-up kits are included with every order. Carpet notches are built so furniture is flush against the wall.
The staining process is completed in a separate dust free area, away from assembly and cutting. The finishing room contains a large state of the art exhaust system, a polyurethane floor and elevated track system to prevent dust or unwanted debris.


  1. Glaze 
  2. Stain 
  3. Sealer Coat #1
  4. Sanding 
  5. Sealer Coat #2 
  6. Sanding 
  7. Top Coat


Advanced shipping and tracking method ensure your furniture is delivered on time, every time.
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